5 Cheap Dates that Impress

Cooking at home can be intimate and shows you care!


You don’t have to spend money to impress your date! Here are 5 options that are either free or under £5 where you are still guaranteed to have a fantastic time!

A romantic stroll

Going for a walk through the bright lights of the city on an evening, or the parks on a sunny day are a great way to get to know almost anyone. You can talk freely, but at the same time silences are not awkward as you can just look around and take interest in your surroundings. If it’s an early date, you can show your interest by taking their hand. If you pass by a landmark it can be a nice opportunity to take a selfie together too!

A picnic

With a blanket and a few tasty provisions you have the recipe for a lovely time. You can buy plastic wine glasses that are high quality for around a £1 that screw together for easy storage. For Londoners, you can’t beat a picnic with some wine on Primrose hill!

The museum or art gallery

For those with an artistic inclination you can spend some time together exploring a new exhibition. Whilst the larger museums offer more variety to cater to all tastes, a well-chosen boutique venue can be more memorable and intimate.

Cooking at home

It is amazing how well a home cooked meal can go down. Even if you aren’t the best cook, the effort you go to in preparing a meal will give a great impression, and you have the privacy of home to be open in the way you wouldn’t be in a restaurant. If you share your home with others then obviously you’ll have to convince them to stay away!

Smoothie time!

Everyone like delicious things, everyone wants to be healthy, so what is more perfect than a smoothie! You can find a smoothie bar in pretty much every town nowadays so there’s no problems there. An interesting variation on this option is the growing popularity of Asian bubble tea. If you haven’t tried it before you can usually find it in the China town shops of your nearest city.