5 London Venues for an Amazing Date

If you want to find an easy going and fun place to go on a date in London then there’s a lot of options. Here are 5 of our favourite places where you are guaranteed to have a great time!

Ping Pong Bar London

If you make an allowance for the pretty cringe worthy video below a ping pong bar is something a bit different and can make a great night. Probably the most famous is Bounce,  by Chancery Lane tube. Cocktails are priced around £9 and beers/cider are mostly under £5. Friday nights are a bit different:

We play a selection of bespoke games such as ‘Elimination’, ‘Brothers in Arms’, ‘Circle of Life’ as well as HUGE games of ‘Round The Table’. Each night is hosted by a genuine human comedian to ensure that fun and laughter are the prize

If table tennis is not your forte then there’s this Table Football cafe/bar in Shoreditch too!

Late Nights at the Museum

You may not think that a museum is a great place to go on an early date with that special someone, but going on a ‘late’ is a completely different experience! Many of the best museums and art galleries in London open their doors for one night a month and put on special talks and events for adults. It’s free entry, and you can buy a drinks inside to make those initial conversations flow more comfortably.

Late nights at the science museum are on the last Wednesday of the month from around 7pm-10pm apart from over the Christmas holiday season. The crowd is typically late teens or early twenties. There’s a theme every month and lots of simultaneous events so you’ll have to plan your time well!

The natural history museum has its late night event on the last Friday of the month from 6pm to around 10pm. The highlight is the food and drink and the finely lit up Hintze Hall.

Tate modern has lots of late night events, but not on a regular basis like the science museum or natural history museum. You’ll have to check out their upcoming events here.

A Trip Down the Thames to Greenwich

It doesn’t get much better than a trip down to Greenwich on a sunny weekend or bank holiday. Meet at one of the earlier stations like Embankment to make the most of the journey along the Thames. When you get to Greenwich you can walk around in the village atmosphere, have a picnic in the park or a tasty cider in one of the old bars. If you still haven’t taken the Emirates airline you can walk up and take this across the river at the end of the day!

Catch the clipper from one of these stops and head across to Greenwich


London’s own Icebar

Icebar London. Source: Martin under CC-BY ND 2.0 licence


If you don’t mind wrapping up warm then Icebar London is something really unique. Everything is made from ice imported from Sweden, including the bar and even your glass. The ice is kept at -5 degrees Celsius all year round. You have to book in advance for a 40 minute drink session, or 2hr45min eating and drinking session.

It’s not exactly cheap but not out of reach for a special occasion – around £15 for standard entrance and a drink, £25 for a champagne session and £35+ for food. Check out the latest prices here: Icebar London.

Indoor Crazy Golf

Swingers crazy golf takes that childhood fun activity and gives it a new edge. This pop up style venue has a 9 hole course and a bar, terraces and food outlets. Due to the pop up nature you’ll have to check when and where it’s open.

As of writing its moved from its original Shoreditch venue to Central London in December 2015. They are supposedly working a new venue in an ex WW2 bunker, which sounds pretty exciting – read more on their site.