Doodle Bar, Battersea London

Writing on the walls at Doodle Bar London

You probably know Battersea for the park, power station and that cats and dogs home, but it’s probably not top of your list of places to go on an evening. Thanks to the recent development in the area there’s lots of trendy places popping up, such as Doodle Bar, that are ideal for a date with a fun edge.

In a grand internal space, with table tennis tables and adjoining an experimental arts centre this targets an alternative crowd. There’s 3 main spaces:

  • Semi outdoor area with bench type seating, 2 table tennis tables – closes around 11pm on a weeknight
  • Indoor bar area and seating (pictured above)
  • Outdoor beer garden/ ‘beach’ area (pictured below) with fresh pizza stand – closes around 9pm on a weeknight

The main attraction is the arty, bohemian vibe. There’s chalk to write on the walls, semi-industrial seating and even a vending machine that you pay to just smash a plate on the floor (!??). The drinks are not too expensive, under £4 for a cider, pints of beer under £5 and cocktails around £8. What’s particularly nice about this place is the pizza! In the pink marquee in the photo below you can buy freshly made pizza for £9 (or £5 for a half), and the people that work in it are really friendly.

Outdoor beer garden with nice pizza place

So why’s it good for a date? You have a relaxed environment with well priced drinks and food, music, table tennis, and can show off your drawing skills on the wall – let’s hope your portfolio includes more than phallic symbols! It’s recommended too just for some drinks with friends. On the downside, it can get quite busy on the weekends, and unfortunately is a bit far from any tube stations.

If you’re interested you can find out more about this place on their website –